The second day of that weekend I did a trip without the harness, but with the wetsuit. Even though I was planning to do some diving in some nice spots in NZ, this Shark Dive Experience was guaranteed to get me some shark exposure. From when I was very little I was amazed with sharks and I have quite the collection of shark merchandise in a glass cabinet at my parents place. So this trip was definitely something I was looking forward to!

Although it is a dive experience, the trip is not really diving. Yes you get some of the equipment, yes you are actually diving, but the guides kind of told you exactly where to walk (no swimming) and you were so heavily weighed down using lead that you couldn't swim up even if you wanted to! Still, in the wild it is not possible to see 30+ sharks in such a small timeframe, so I was very happy I participated. Hopefully I will have some luck and see some wild sharks aside from these ones :)