The biggest trip I ever made

So it begins. The biggest trip I have made, and possibly will make, in my life. Wednesday the third of september I flew to the complete other side of the WURld, New Zealand. Together with my new backpack (Thank you WUR!), a new suitcase and hand luggage filled with approximately 40 kg of luggage I came to Schiphol.

After saying goodbye to my family I boarded one of the four flights I needed to take before arriving at my final destination, Christchurch New Zealand. The flights would take a total of 30 hours, and since I am not the smallest person in the WURld I expected the worst. Luckily I had four seats to myself in the first flight and I arrived laying down in Dubai. The following three flights took me to Bangkok, Sydney and, seven movies later, to Christchurch! My supervisor was so friendly to be waiting for me with a sign at the arriving hall and he took me to my temporary home in Springston.

Time to start this adventure!