The dunes of the north

Something that reminded me of home. Just near the town of Drunen you have the Dunes of Drunen, which seem to come out of nowhere! Same for these dunes, while I was travelling north towards Cape Reinga (the most northern part of New Zealand), these dunes just show up! You could rent a board and actually glide down the dunes, which was some kind of surfing, but then you did not get wet if you fell, you would just get your mouth filled with sand.

The line between the forest and the dunes is really thin, which makes for quite a nice scenery! After running down from the dunes and getting back into the car, I headed up to Cape Reinga. Cape Reinga is the meeting place of the Pacific Ocean and the Tasmanian see. The water collides, but does not mix, which makes for quite the interesting line in the water. The Maori's consider this to be a holy place as well, for it is believed that when people die their spirits will ascend at this place.