About my first 4 weeks in Kampala

Time for an update, after spending already 4 weeks in Kampala! The first weeks I have been introduced to the project, the people I work with and the places I have to go for work-visits. Of course, I also had to get used to the country, the people, their habits and my new hometown, Kampala.

Kampala is a very big and busy city. Since there is so much traffic, the main way of transportation is the boda-boda, a motortaxi. In this way, you can pass al the traffic jams. This is not without a danger of course; I already had 3 almost accidents. That’s why I decided it would be wise to buy a helmet. Besides this, you can also use a so-called taxi. Don’t confuse this with the taxi’s we have in the Netherlands. These taxis are small busses, officially 14 passengers are allowed to fit in. However this is not taken so strictly; everyone that still fits in the taxi can go in, so don’t be surprised when someone is going to sit on your laps.

At the moment, it is really warm in Uganda. Every day at least 30 degrees, a burning sun and almost no rainfall. It is very dusty. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think that I’m am really tanned, that’s just the dust… As a consequence of the heat, the speed of all daily activities are much slower than I’m used to. After an intense workweek, there is the weekend! Some time to relax at for example this swimming pool and (try to) do a work-out in the gym.