Arriving in Paro

The first place I arrived at in Bhutan is a place called Paro. The picture above is the view from Paro Town overlooking paddy fields and the surrounding mountains. It captures the mountains that the plane had to criss-cross between to get to the small international airport in this town. In the valley you can see paddy fields which cultivate the large amounts of rice the Bhutanese are costumed to eat. I am getting used to eating rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

The main crops that are cultivated here are red onions, potatoes, maize, wheat and a lot of chillies! Chilli is present in pretty much every meal. It usually comes in the form of fried, fresh or burnt into the dish that is served. The chilli seeds are never spared, so many of the curries that are made are very spicy. After several weeks, my taste buds are starting to get accustomed to the food and the spiciness.