Flower Exhibition

The first Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition was held in the Ugyen Pelri Palace courtyard in Paro. This was initiated by His Majesty the King of Bhutan to celebrate the 60th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. It is a rare chance to get inside the palace grounds since it is usually for the Royals only.

The flower, shrubs and trees on show were so colourful and unique! It was a marvel to walk amongst the beautiful flowers and the beautiful people. All the Bhutanese were wearing their national dress and since it was during the Tshechu festival, everyone was dressed in their finest and fanciest dress they owned.

In this picture there is a temple where people go for prayer and blessings. On the roofs of this temple you can see small stones which are there to hold down the wooden or metal slates. This is a typical technique that is still used today on many traditional houses.

To the left of the temple you see a white chortem and a prayer bell where you would typically walk clockwise around and make a prayer. To the right of the temple, you can see two Bhutanese houses. Around the houses there are several vertical flagpoles. These flagpoles can be seen across the countryside of Bhutan. The red, yellow and white flagpoles that have a dagger on the tip symbolize the god of wisdom and knowledge: Jampelyang.

This garden piece is just one of the many great designs….