Arrival in Spain

After saying goodbye to my friends and family in Holland, I arrived in Spain! I exchanged the rain and low temperatures for the sun and heat since it is still summer time all over in Spain.
When I arrived, I had no accommodation so therefore I booked two nights at a hostel.

I had made some appointments through the Erasmus-room-renting page on Facebook and with a map in my hand I walked through the city, determined to find a room that I liked. Eventually I found myself a flat close the University and located between the old city centre and the beach, where I will be living with three other international students. I found this flat just in time since only one day was left until my internship would start. On the first of September I started my internship at the faculty of medicine, at the department of physiology. It was nice to meet the researchers and the staff with whom I will be working with the coming time; they are very enthusiastic and willing to teach me anything that I need to know.

Since my first day was also the first day for the staff after a long time of summer holidays, there was not much work to do yet. Therefore I decided to leave early and enjoy the weather and walk through the beautiful old city centre of Valencia. There is so much to see, I can’t wait to start exploring the rest of the city!