Going to Africa

This time my story is not about Spain, but about a completely different continent: Africa! I decided to stay one month longer in Valencia to complete my work in the lab but also to go on a holiday! With one of the Erasmus student associations we travelled by bus through Spain and crossed the Strait of Gibraltar by ferry, to arrive at our destination: Morocco!

For one week we travelled through Morocco and we discovered many beautiful cities and places like Fez, Chefchaouen and Marrakech. However, the highlight of this trip was spending a day and a night in the desert! We started the day by discovering the desert on top of a 4x4 Jeep which drove us with high speed, while drifting through the sand, to a local tribe. Here we all bought our turbans which made us ready for the desert and protected our heads from the sand and sun. After a few hours we drove back towards our resort, which we would soon exchange for a tent in the desert! On the back of a dromedary we had an amazing ride through the desert, which brought us to our campsite where we received a warm welcome from the local residents: the ‘Berbers’. We started the evening with a dinner and when the evening turned into night we made a big camp fire, and accompanied by the beat of the local drums, we started to dance around the fire. After a great night in the desert we got up early to drive back on our dromedary. We continued our trip driving through the mountains which were covered with snow, and showed us that Morocco has a large variety of landscapes. Finally, we arrived in Marrakech, which would be the last city to visit.

We got to know a completely different culture and the habits of the local inhabitants, but we also spend a lot of time getting to know the nice group which we travelled with!

This has been an amazing trip and a great experience, it was my first time outside of Europe, and it made me realize that there is so much more to explore!