Hace mucho calor!

Hola chicos!

We are now getting closer to the end of September, but in Spain the temperatures are still high and it feels like summer! Even the local Spanish people sometimes complain, when they grab anything they can, to use it as a fan, while saying “hace mucho calor” (= it is very warm!).

Since the temperatures are still high in the afternoon when my working day is over, the best way for me to relax is going to the beach while having a refreshing dive in the sea. Many international students do the same and therefore the beach gets nice and crowded, full of young people gathering to meet or to play a nice game of beach volleyball which gives me an ultimate holiday feeling! Therefore I must say that Valencia is an ideal city to live in; it is a vivid city full of (international) students with many bars and clubs that are open until dawn and it offers a great variety of cultural and historical spots and of course, the beach provides everything that is needed to relax after a long day of working. I hope we can enjoy this never ending summer as long as possible!