Internship in Spain

Hi there!
My name is Tina Tsaparas and I am a master student, studying Nutrition and Health with a specialisation in Nutritional Physiology and Health status. I have decided to do my internship from September to the end of January in Valencia, Spain. I will participate in a research that investigates the longevity and healthy ageing of elderly with either mild cognitive impairment or elderly that suffer from frailty. These groups of elderly participated, for a duration of six months, in a program of aerobic exercise and are compared to a control group (a group that did not perform any exercise).

I will be involved in the analysis of the obtained samples in these persons. I will learn how to perform several lab techniques and I am very curious about the final outcomes!

Another reason for coming to Spain is to learn the language. I have completed two courses that are offered by the Wageningen University (WUR into languages) on the Spanish language and I really want to be able to speak Spanish properly when I leave Spain.

As an exchange student I will be involved in many Erasmus activities so I can discover the Spanish culture, nature and all the other great things Spain has to offer!

Hasta luego!