Since Spain is known for its good food like tapas and paella, I cannot go back to Holland without tasting these dishes! In Valencia there are a lot of good tapas bars located throughout the city.
The typical way of having your tapas is to select the freshly made tapas which are called ‘pinchos’ and contain different sizes of wooden skewers in the middle, indicating the price. When you are finished eating, the amount of wooden skewers you have collected are summed up and indicate the bill.

However, paella is of course the most typical dish, since its origin is Valencian. At a distance of approximately 20km from Valencia, there is a big natural park called ‘Albufera’ where many rice fields can be found, which of course provide the main ingredient for paella. Therefore my friends and I decided to taste the paella made with the rice that has been harvested in Albufera. We rented bikes for a day and started our journey on a sunny Saturday morning. Despite a flat tire and several detours, we arrived at the natural park and went to a nearby village to taste paella; it was ‘muy bien’!

Afterwards we watched the beautiful sunset and continued our journey on our way back to Valencia. However, proper cycle paths are not very common and neither are a lot of streetlights on the inland ways, which made it quite an adventure to get back, but for sure it was worth it!