Since Valencia has many direct flights from different airports in Holland, as well as in Germany and Belgium, it seems that Valencia is quite a popular destination amongst the Dutch people; and I am very happy about that! Since this provides a good opportunity for my family and friends to come and visit me!

I received several guests already, my mother and sister came to visit me as well as my friends from Wageningen. I really enjoy it when people come to visit me, so I can show them where I live and they have an idea of what I do here and how I spend my Erasmus period in Valencia.

Last weekend my closest friends from Wageningen came and visit me. One of the of these girls is doing her internship in Barcelona, so she came by train to Valencia, while the rest of the girls came one day later by plane. It was a true reunion in Spain, with Valencia as our central meeting point!

My Italian flatmate had three girls visiting as well from her University city, Bologna, so our house was filled with (international) students! We did a lot of several things such as sightseeing in Valencia, as you can see on the picture. We also had a great night out, and next to that we went for some shopping, eating tapas and a walk on the beach. It was a great weekend with a lot of fun! When my friends left and I came home, I found myself a chocolate letter in my shoe... Maybe Sinterklaas is real and indeed starts his journey with his boat from Spain to Holland? ;)