With only one week left in Valencia until my Erasmus period would be over, I decided to make a small bucket list with the things I wanted to do before I leave.
Since Valencia has a wonderful beach and it was quite windy the last days, it was the perfect opportunity to go surfing!

With four of my good friends we went to a surf school where we rented a surfboard and a wetsuit. It was quite hard to get into the wetsuit and it made you feel really heavy but once we got into the water we were sure very happy to wear it. Even though it was a really sunny day in Valencia, the water was very cold! However, compared to the ‘Νew Years Dive’ I did a few years ago in Holland, diving into the sea in a wet suit, compared to only a bikini, was definitely more pleasant.

The following two-and-a-half-hours we received instructions during this first surf class, in which we tried to manage to stand on the board for at least five seconds. I noticed that surfing looks easier than it actually is, since it is quite hard to catch a good wave as well as having a good timing in when to stand up on the board.

After countless times of falling down, I finally accomplished to stand on the board a few times, which gave me an amazing feeling! The surfing was a great experience and we had so much fun together! I can cross this activity of my bucket list, on to the next one!