Last weekend it was time to explore some more of Spain, this time by visiting the city Toledo!
At 6.00 am in the morning we left by bus to arrive four hours later in Toledo, which is close to Madrid.

Since it is not located at the coast, as Valencia is, there is quite a difference in temperature. It has been a while since I was in a colder environment; I hope this will help me a bit in getting used to the Dutch weather, when I go back to Holland for Christmas!

With a bus full of Erasmus students we arrived at Toledo and drove to some uphill points to take panoramic photographs; one of them is shown on this picture. We went on a guided tour through the city and saw all the important, historic highlights. This city used to be the capital of Spain before Madrid became the capital. Since Madrid is the capital for quite some time, Toledo did not experience such a great growth in citizens and buildings, which allowed the old buildings to be conserved. The most impressing for me was to see that three different religion fractions, Christians, Jews and Muslims, all lived one after another in this city which is visible in the architecture of the city and buildings.

Another thing about Toledo is that it offers you the ability to explore the city by getting lost in the labyrinth of alleys that are so small that cars are not able to drive there.
At 20.00 pm it was time to go back to Valencia, after a great day of ‘exploring’ in Toledo!

Hasta luego!