Let me introduce myself: my name is Wiebe Hollander, I'm 22 years old and I'm following a two-year master program called 'European Master in Food Studies' (a specialization which belongs to the Food Science and Technology Master). Together with a group of 21 international students, I followed courses at four top universities in Europe for the last year (Wageningen UR, University College Cork, AgroParisTech, and Lund University). The second year, which is now coming up, aims at a combined internship and thesis.

In September I'll start my internship at Mondelez R&D Limited in Bournville (Birmingham, UK), or to be more specific: the R&D centre of Cadbury Chocolate. Chocolate is a big deal in the world, and specifically Cadbury chocolate in the United Kingdom. Besides the work in the laboratorium and the pilot plant, I think of joining sports clubs (running, cycling, tennis, etc) to compensate for all the delicious stuff I have to test. I'm sure that the work in the company will bring me unforgettable experiences, as well as the life in Birmingham. From what I've heard from other people, I probably will enjoy the countryside around Birmingham for sure. Trips to other cities will be easy due to the central position of Birmingham in the UK.

Overall, I'm very excited to start my journey to the "Land of Hope and Glory", "God Save the Queen", the Pound Sterling, the Thames, English breakfasts, pubs, Fish and Chips, Red Buses, the Rolling Stones, Cricket, Wimbledon, and yes of course also the rain and the lush green of the countryside...

As WURldexplorer I'll post shiny pictures of my experiences on You can follow me on Instagram as well: @whollandia.