It's all about Christmas

Being in the UK during the start of the winter season gets me involved in Great Britain's national craziness, which is all about Christmas! This craziness can be seen everywhere: restaurants advertise their Christmas dinners already from the end of October; crowded city centres and shops with people who do their Christmas shoppings (all with the same stress - 'what do I buy for my family this year and what do I wear during the Christmas dinner?!'); Christmas dinner plans (location and of course the menu) are being discussed at work since the start of December. The massive Christmas tree on the picture stands in front of st Pauls cathedral in London. That city is so lovely decorated this time of year: tingling lights everywhere and a couple of German markets with ridiculous expensive sausages, mulled wine and XL pints of Lager. Although London has some magic with Christmas, 'my city' Birmingham nominates itself for having the largest German market in the world, outside Germany! Quite worth mentioning.

With all the nice food and drinks I guess that the average weight of people will increase slightly during these weeks, but hey, the January blues is coming up with many new-year resolutions. From what I've heard is that almost twice the normal amount of people go to the gym in the first weeks of January - it will be slightly crowded during sporting I guess. We will see how long those plans will stand...

Last Wednesday, the company at which I do my internship at the moment (Mondelez International) invited all employees to the yearly Christmas party: a dinner show with 800 man that ended on the dance floor. Quite an experience I must say, and very nice to see all the people in fancy dresses instead of lab coats and hairnets! After having some nice food, drinks and moves on the dance floor, the next day started early in the lab again as one of the last times in 2014! A 2week holiday is coming up: time to spend some time with family and friends!

I can conclude one thing and one thing only: British people love Christmas with all the trimmings! Merry Christmas to everyone and happy new year! Cheers on the coming year, make it a good one!