Eumundi market

Last weekend I went to the Eumundi market, which is located around 20 km inland of Noosa. The Eumundi market has a long history and is currently still an attractive place to visit for locals and tourists. The markets are organised each Wednesday and Saturday morning. The market is very big: there are over 600 stalls whit all sorts of handmade, special or practical products. The stalls sell handmade products like wooden plates; there are stalls that sell practical products like outdoor furniture or cleaning products. There are many stalls that sell food, they even had the Dutch ‘poffertjes’. I found it quite surprising that many stalls offered massages, hand readings or predictions of you future. Additionally there were also some stalls that made aboriginal music combined with some more modern beats. This Saturday there was also a fundraising event for people with a disability, they were making music and performing judo tricks.

Public transport in the Sunshine coast is not as well organised as in the Netherlands, the busses are mostly driving once per hour, so you have to wait quite some time. To get to the Eumundi market by public transport would have taken 3 hours, for a trip that is 30 minutes by car. Therefore I chose to book a transfer with Sunair busses, they pick you up at any spot close to coastal area and then bring you directly to the markets. This opportunity is little bite more expensive than the public transport although it only takes 50 minutes to get there. All the activities in Australia start very early in the morning because of the early sunset (5.10 am) and because it is very early dark (6.05 pm). People here are really taking full advantage from the daylight and the markets also start early (7.00 am). After I came back (at 1.00 pm) I had the whole afternoon left to go to the beach, so that is an advantage.