The Withsundays

During my holiday during Whitsundays I made another trip and visited Whithaven beach and Hamilton Island. The boat left the harbour at 7 in the morning. After a quick stop at other islands we continued our journey to arrive at Whithaven beach around 9 in the morning. The boat was sailing towards the beach and lowered a bridge so we all could walk on the beach.

After 2 hours the boat would pick us up again. Whithaven beach is like paradise. The sand is the smallest grain size in the world and the ocean is incredibly blue; it is stunning. After making a lot of pictures I decided to go for a swim, but because of the jellyfish we had to wear a stinger suit.

This beach has to be nominated as one of the most beautiful places in the world. You were not allowed to go into the hinterland behind the beach because it is a protected area. On the beach there were a lot of other tourist boats but also helicopters and airplanes. After the two hours our trip continued towards Hamilton Island. During the trip we saw a lot of other beautiful beaches, lagoons and islands.

Hamilton Island is one of the larger islands and is mainly a touristic resort for families. On the Island there is a free buss that takes you around and you can hop on – hop off wherever you want. On the othersider of the island there was a resort with large, beautiful and free swimming pools. They had a pool bar and a guy making music while singing. The atmosphere at this pool was very relaxed and you really go the feeling that you were on a holiday. The second swimming pool had even a view on the beach and the ocean.

After a view hours I took the bus to the other end of the island were the airport was located. After this round trip I arrived the harbour were I had to catch the boat back to the mainland. During this trip back I saw a really beautiful sunset over the mountains and the sailing boats located in the lagoon.