Online Academic Courses and Programmes

MicroMasters Programmes

Wageningen University & Research offers programmes as well as courses on an academic level. These MicroMasters programmes and courses support life-long learning by allowing you to study part-time on an academic level, in a flexible manner.

What are MicroMasters?

Our online academic programmes are called MicroMasters, and are available on edX. Completing a MicroMasters will earn you a certificate, as well as academic credits (ECTS). MicroMasters consist of 4 MOOCs, which will allow you to dive deeper into a topic of your choice, without having to obtain a full master's degree. If you are interested in obtaining a master's degree online, take a look at our online master's programmes.

Earn credits with a MicroMasters programme

Most of our online academic courses and programmes allow you to earn academic credits (ECTS). Check the course or programme page to learn whether this applies for the course or programme of your choice. If you wish to use these credits to shorten an on-campus programme, contact the study advisor mentioned on the course or programme page to discuss the possibilities.