Do you need help?

PhD life is fun and exciting, inspiring, sometimes hard, and - unavoidably - will cause stress. At times you may encounter problems that you can’t entirely solve on your own. There is nothing wrong with that! Do you need help, support or advice? There are people who can help you, but you can also follow group trainings. This overview shows you how to find your way to PhD guidance at WUR.

PhD advisors

PhD candidates who face problems during their PhD programme can contact the PhD advisor(s) of their own graduate school. The PhD advisor gives confidential advice and coaching on how to tackle the problem or challenge, and when needed may direct the PhD candidate to other advice, support or counseling bodies within or outside the university. When needed and approved by the PhD candidate, the PhD advisor may take action to help the PhD candidate solve the problem.

List of current PhD advisors

Find the help you need

Find help with developing skills, PhD progress, personal issues or social safety & integrity with this interactive PDF.


Occupational social work

PhD candidates who experience problems in their relationship with supervisors or colleagues, or have personal complaints (e.g. burnout or mental fitness issues) can also directly contact Occupational Social Work (BMW). More information about Occupational Social Work and contact details can be found on the Service Portal


Research Suphub

In the Research Support portal (SupHub) you can find all WUR services that support the primary research process.

Confidential counsellors

For issues involving undesirable behaviour or issues involving scientific integrity, PhD candidates can also directly contact the confidential counsellors for undesirable behaviour or the confidential counsellors for scientific integrity. More information about the confidential counsellors and their contact details can be found on the Service Portal.