Confidential Advice

Graduate School confidential PhD advisors

WIAS confidential counsellors are available for PhD candidates, postdocs and fellows on queries and issues within the mandate of a graduate school: research, publications, PhD process and supervision.

    Confidential counsellors at WUR/ASG level

    PhD candidates can contact a confidential counsellor if they want advice on issues as undesired sexual attention, other undesirable behaviour or treatment in a discriminatory fashion.
    Useful information about the work of the confidential adviser can be found at the intranet pages of Wageningen University & Research.

    Confidential counsellors for Scientific Integrity

    Two persons have been appointed by WUR as confidential cousellors for scientific integrity issues:

    Occupational social work

    The Occupational social worker (bedrijfsmaatschappelijk werk) can be deployed in any kind of conflict or team-working problems. In practice, they are primarily deployed in emotional social conflicts. Emotional social conflicts are characterised as conflicts leaving serious negative effects on the productivity, health and psychological well-being of employees.