WIAS PhD Council (WAPS)

The aim of the WAPS (WIAS Associated PhD Students) Council is to act in the interest of all WIAS PhD Candidates by active participation in the WIAS Education Committee, Wageningen PhD Council and the WIAS Board.

The WIAS Associated PhD Students (WAPS) council strives for a good education programme, contributes to future research plans, and facilitates contacts between WIAS PhD Candidates. We monitor and act upon internal and external developments that might affect WIAS PhD Candidates.

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Members of the WIAS PhD Council

Positions in the WIAS PhD Council

Positions in the WIAS PhD Council

The WAPS council has several functions you can perform, which are described below.

If you are interested to join us or if you have questions, you can contact the WAPS council via: waps.wias@wur.nl.

WAPS chairman: 5 credits

  • Chair of the WAPS Council; meetings (every 6 weeks);
  • Member of the WIAS Phd Council;
  • Member of the WIAS Board;
  • Care for and handling of incidental events and incidents, as they occur;
  • Workload: approx. 14 hours per month.

WAPS secretary: 4 credits

  • Member of the WAPS Council; meetings (every 6 weeks);
  • Responsible for the agenda and minutes of the WAPS Council meetings;
  • Usually member of the WIAS Education Committee, but not necessarily;
  • Workload: approx. 9 hours per month.

Education committee representative: 3 credits

  • Member of the WIAS Education Committee;
  • Member of WAPS Council; meetings (every 6 weeks);
  • Workload: approx. 4 hours per month.

Wageningen PhD Council: 3 credits

  • Member of the Wageningen PhD Council;
  • Member of the WAPS Council; meetings (every 6 weeks);
  • Workload: approx. 4 hours per month.

Other functions in the WAPS council: 3 credits

  • ACCIE: organize activities for WIAS PhD candidates (informal get together);
    • Digitalizer: host the WAPS website, Facebook and Linkedin;
    • Treasurer: in charge of the WAPS council budget. Prepares the financial statement of last year and prepares an estimate for the coming year;
    • WIAS Science day chair: organises meetings, books rooms and make the agenda for the WIAS Science Day Committee;
    • Workload: approx. 5 hours per month.

Committees with WIAS PhD Council participation

Committees with WAPS participation

WIAS Board

The WIAS Board is responsible for the general strategy of WIAS, within the framework of KNAW (Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen) and WGS (Wageningen Graduate Schools). The WIAS Board is informed through and advised by a.o. the WIAS management (director/secretary), the international advisory board, education committee, and WAPS.

The WIAS director is the executive person and has to report to the Board. The strategy of the WIAS Board entails two main areas:

  • Research: WIAS Board controls the strategy of research and is responsible for the quality of research.
  • Education: WIAS Board controls the strategy of education and is responsible for the quality of education.

The WIAS Board consists of an independent chairman (currently Leo den Hartog), 3 WIAS staff members, 3 representatives of CROs (contract research organisations) and the chairman of the WAPS Council.


Education Committee

The WIAS education coordinator is the executive and has to report to the EC. At the moment, the coordinator is Marianne Bruining. Aims are:

  • To evaluate the education program and the quality of courses;
  • The education coordinator and chairman of the education committee approve the submitted TSPs.

The EC consists of the education coordinator, 3 WIAS staff members and 3 WIAS PhD candidates from the WAPS council.


Wageningen PhD Council

The Wageningen PhD Council (WPC) represents the interests of PhD candidates of Wageningen University. WPC is chaired by the Dean of WGS and consists of representatives from the various PhD Councils of the Graduate Schools within Wageningen University.


WIAS Annual Conference Committee

The WIAS Annucal Conference (WAC) is a very important yearly event that is organized by the WIAS Science Day Committee, under supervision of WIAS and the WAPS Council. Aims are:

  • To show everyone within WIAS the research that is being carried out by the PhD candidates;
  • To promote integration between WIAS PhD candidates (WAPS), WIAS staff members and other people that might be interested (partners WIAS, IAB).



The WIAS PhD Council has its own email list to inform all WAPS members and to facilitate the communication among the WIAS PhD candidates. 

For information or question regarding the WIAS PhD Council please send an e-mail to waps.wias@wur.nl.

Facebook group: WIAS PhD students  https://www.facebook.com/groups/79412465586/

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