Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research

WIMEK aims at developing an integrated understanding of environmental change and its impact on people, society and nature.

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Changes at WIMEK

Johan Feenstra Retiring as Secretary of WIMEK
New WIMEK Secretary Koen Wetser Appointed
New WIMEK director Petra Hellegers Appointed

WIMEK's Grand Challenges

Managing our future biosphere
Managing our future biosphere
Advancing circular systems
Advancing circular systems

What is happening at WIMEK?


  • WIMEK PhD Council Member
    The WIMEK PhD council has an important role to play within WIMEK by representing the voices and needs of PhD candidates. Therefore we are looking for PhD candidates with an interest to represent the WIMEK PhD candidates in the official boards and events, and through all the informal interactions with WIMEK staff! For more information, read this document.


  • Farewell Symposium Johan Feenstra (WIMEK): Empowering Transitions for Sustainable Futures
    29 May 2024, 13-17:30 hrs, Lumen building
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  • Nature-Based Future Challenge
    November 2023 - June 2024
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Dear experts on Biodiversity x Climate change,

The European elections are approaching swiftly (voting date in the Netherlands is June 6th), yet the critical issue of nature's significance for a thriving planet seems to be sidelined. WUR colleagues have launched the #EuropeForNature initiative. The goal is to elevate the priority of nature on the societal agenda leading up to the June elections, in the hope that people will prioritize nature in their decision-making, including when voting. The concept is simple: scientists and other experts share their narratives, concerns and solutions about Europe's natural world in a short story. These stories illustrate why it's imperative to prioritize nature and underscore the significance of European legislation in this endeavor. We collect these stories on a website (www.EuropeForNature.eu) and share these on Social Media. As power is in the numbers of these stories, we ask you to join this initiative as Nature is critical for combating climate change!

For more information visit the Europe For Nature website.


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