WIMEK organisation

The WIMEK Board is responsible for the functioning and performance of the Graduate School. The Board consists of representatives of each WIMEK research cluster.
The Board decides on the strategy and policy and is in charge of the main decisions of WIMEK. The Director and the Secretary prepare and attend the meetings of the Board and so does a representative of the PhD candidates.

The Director is responsible for all executive affairs of WIMEK and advises the board on WIMEK’s long-term plans and scientific direction, together with the participating groups. The Director is supported by a team consisting of executive management and administration staff.

The Education Committee advises the board on matters concerning the content and format of the PhD and postdoc training and education programme, as well as on specific issues related to the PhD programme (such as progress monitoring, stress reduction, career management, etc.)

The main task of the International Advisory Board is to give advice and critical guidance on strategic issues concerning the research and the educational programme of the Graduate School and to evaluate its performance. The IAB consists of four leading international scientists representing the various scientific fields of WIMEK.