SENSE network

To reach its goals WIMEK has also strongly supported the development of an inter-university network of environmental research groups at national level. This has resulted in the establishment of the Dutch Research School of the Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment (SENSE) in 1994.

Composition of the SENSE network

Currently, environmental research groups from eight Dutch universities and IHE Delft collaborate in SENSE.

Over the years SENSE has developed into a consortium of outstanding environmental research groups, covering a broad range of environmental disciplines.

WIMEK is the largest participating institute within SENSE.

Role of WIMEK within SENSE

Since 2005 Wageningen University (WIMEK) and VU University Amsterdam (IVM-VU) jointly preside over SENSE.

WIMEK is responsible for supporting the SENSE board, chairs the SENSE Education Committee, and is responsible for the SENSE website and the monthly SENSE e-News.

Every WIMEK PhD candidate is a SENSE PhD candidate

The WIMEK Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) has to fullfil the SENSE TSP requirements, including participation in the SENSE A1 introductory course and the SENSE A2 impact incubator. WIMEK PhDs will receive a SENSE Diploma at their graduation.