Call for transdisciplinary PhD proposals written by MSc students

WIMEK opens a call for PhD projects contributing to our knowledge on environmental and sustainability sciences using transdisciplinary approaches (research conducted in close collaboration with stakeholders focusing on societal impact). These proposals should be written by excellent MSc students themselves, in the Research Master cluster course or by other means, in the academic year 2011-2022.

These PhD projects are funded by WIMEK’s strategic funds. A minimum of one PhD position can be funded, which should start in the course of 2022. Only WUR MSc students are eligible for these grants, under the conditions that they have written their proposal themselves as MSc students in the academic year 2021-2022.

WIMEK can grant three PhD positions this year, two to MSc students participating in the WIMEK Honours Programme (if the candidates and proposals are of high quality) and one additional proposal on transdisciplinary research.

Deadline submission applications is 13 May 2022 and one week before (6 May 2022) you have to send us a scientific summary and at least five suggestions for independent external reviewers.