WIMEK Honours Research Programme

Write your own PhD research proposal with professional coaching and training and grab your chance to win a WIMEK PhD grant and conduct your own PhD research!

  • Are you an excellent MSc student?
  • Are you dreaming of an academic research career?
  • Do you want to elaborate your own original PhD research proposal in the field of 'Sustainability Sciences'?
  • Do you want to participate in a group of highly motivated excellent MSc students?
  • And are you able to follow the Masterclass (last week period 4) and RMC (can only be done in period 5)?

Then apply for the WIMEK Honours Programme and get a step closer to your own PhD project!

WIMEK offers a maximum of 15 excellent MSc students of WIMEK-related programmes the opportunity to participate in the 'WIMEK Honours Programme'. This programme prepares highly motivated MSc students for an academic research career by further developing their research skills and writing a full PhD research proposal on a self-selected subject within the file of 'Environmental and Sustainability Sciences'.

If the written proposal fits within the research lines of WIMEK, i.e. supports WIMEK in its three Grand Challenges, and the proposal is supported by a WIMEK chair group, participants are encouraged to submit their proposal to WIMEK. If the number of participants to the Wageningen Honours Programme that plan to submit their proposal to the WIMEK grant call exceeds ten participants, only WIMEK Honours Programme participants will be eligible for a minimum of two WIMEK PhD grants. You can find the chair groups that are participating in WIMEK here.

After finishing the conclusion of the WIMEK Honours Programme all participating MSc students will be in an excellent position to pursue a career as a PhD candidate in one of the participating WIMEK research groups (or anywhere else in the world).

Succeeding in this programme will give you an excellent preparation for a career in science!

For detailed information about participating MSc programmes, target group and selection criteria, content of the WIMEK Honours Programme, nomination of excellent MSc students, and selection of MSc students, please download the brochure. Also see the frequently asked question section on the top right of the page.

To apply:
First check the Frequently asked question section to make sure you understand the timing of the program, and the conditions. When ready to apply: please send the documents (i -v on page 3 of brochure) in attachments to your nominating staff member; they will then need to forward this towimek@wur.nl.