Final evaluation @WIMEK

Did you finish your PhD thesis? Congratulations! We hope you have a great time defending your thesis, and in celebrating all the achievements of the last years here at Wageningen University.

Now that your time as WIMEK PhD will be coming to an end, we would like your feedback on how you feel your PhD trajectory went. We would greatly appreciate if you could take some time to fill in a questionnaire that you will receive by e-mail; this will help us to improve our support to your fellow PhD candidates.

After you graduate, we often lose touch with our Alumni, even though you are a great source of information on what is needed from a WIMEK graduate after the PhD life, and of what is going on in our research field. From our side, we want to continue inform our community, and to continue to organise meetings with our community. This to better connect to the working environment of our Alumni, and to society and its real needs. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us if you have good ideas for meetings or other ways of staying in touch (

We hope to hear from you, and we wish you good luck, fresh curiosity and courage in new adventures that lie ahead!