Literature discussion groups

WASS PhD candidates can initiate a (literature) discussion group (LDG) to discuss relevant topics in their field and earn credits (ECTS) for the Training and Supervision Plan. In an LDG, a small group of PhD candidates meets on a regular (monthly) basis and discusses scientific issues/ papers (e.g. key publications, PhD manuscripts and proposals, new developments in scientific theory) together with a WASS fellow.

The following discussion groups are running at the moment:

PhD discussion groups

Marx Reading group

This group reads and discusses Karl Marx' work "Das Kapital" / "Capital" and in addition listens to the respective online lecture by David Harvey. The book as well as the lectures are available online for free, so we can make sure that everybody has access to the literature. Every member reads the designated chapter and follows the lecture before the meeting - thereby we work through the book chapter by chapter. Every meeting is 'chaired' by one member who facilitates the discussion and prepares some specific question that he or she came across. In addition, we invited 'experts' on certain topics to stir the discussion with more in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Target group: The group is open for everybody who would like to get an insight and better understanding of Karl Marx' most impactful work! Beginners as well as 'Marx experts' are invited, from Master students, PhDs to professors as the more minds think through the dense work, the merrier is the discussion and enlightening outcome.

Frequency of meetings: Biweekly and according to availability of members

Contact person: Lisa Trogisch (SDC)

"Why do we eat what we eat"

This PhD (literature) discussion group has been set up within the framework of the Edema-Steernberg research program (WASS/VLAG). The Edema-Steernberg research program “focuses on customized nutrition in a socio‐cultural context. The aim of the program is to explain ‘why we eat what we eat’ with an emphasis on the mechanisms that drive food practices, sensory preferences, food choice and nutrition behaviour from a life course perspective and paying particular attention to the interaction of social and biological/nutrition determinants”.

Target group: The group will be limited to the PhD students involved in the Edema-Steernberg program (6). However, the meetings in which we invite a speaker will be open to other students for the duration of the presentation and discussion.

Meetings: “PhD only” meetings will be held once every three months (four times a year). The aims of these meetings are to:

  • exchange ideas related to methodologies and study designs

  • discuss own manuscripts

  • discuss relevant (to all) literature that focuses on the interrelations between food and nutrition and socio-cultural mechanisms.

  • discuss new developments in scientific theory

Furthermore, we aim to invite a speaker at least once a year to 1) discuss their work/research project/publication and 2) reflect on the findings and set up of our own research programs. This speaker may be a WASS or VLAG fellow or affiliated with another university or research institute. Meetings will be chaired by on

e of the PhD students.

Contact person: Donya Madjdian

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