Clusters and chairgroups

Chairgroups that are partly or entirely supported by graduate school WIMEK are organised by the following clusters:

The table below is an overview of all participating chairgroups, its leaders, its affiliation with WIMEK and in which cluster the chairgroup is embedded.

Code Chair Group WIMEK Research Group Leader(s) WIMEK Cluster
AEW Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management Group Prof.dr. A.A. (Bart) Koelmans 100% CWS
BNT BioNano Technology Prof.dr. AH (Aldrik) Velders 20%
ENP Environmental Policy Group Prof.dr. S.R. (Simon) Bush 55% WCSG
ENR Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Group Prof. F. (Francisco) Alpizar Rodriguez 50%
ESA Environmental Systems Analysis Group Prof.dr. C. (Carolien) Kroeze 100% CWS
ETE Environmental Technology Group A. (Annemiek) ter Heijne & C.J.N. (Cees) Buisman 100% ETM
HWM Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management Group Prof.dr. M. (Martine) van der Ploeg 100% CWS
LAR Landscape Architecture Group Prof.dr. S. (Sanda) Lenzholzer 100% LSP
LUP Land Use Planning Group Dr. M.M. (Martha) Bakker 20% LSP
MAE Marine Animal Ecology Group Prof.dr. A.J. (Tinka) Murk
MAQ Meteorology and Air Quality Group Prof.dr. J. (Jordi) Vila-Guerau de Arellano & Prof.dr. M.C. (Maarten) Krol 100% CWS
MAT Mathematical and Statistical Methods - Biometris K. (Karel) Keesman 20%
MIB Microbiology Group (only Environmental Microbiology part) T.J.G. (Thijs) Ettema & Prof.dr. H. (Hauke) Smidt & Dr D.Z. (Diana) Machado de Sousa 100% ETM
PEN Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation Group D. (David) Kleijn 20%
SLM Soil Physics and Land Management Group Prof.dr. C.J. (Coen) Ritsema SSC
SOC Soil Chemistry and Chemical Soil Quality Group Prof.dr. R.N.J. (Rob) Comans 100% SSC
TOX Toxicology Group I.M.C.M. (Ivonne) Rietjens & N.W. (Nico) van den Brink 20%
WRM Water Resources Management P.J.G.J. (Petra) Hellegers 20% CWS
WSG Water Systems and Global Change Prof.dr. F. (Fulco) Ludwig 100% CWS