WIMEK membership


All full professors, associate professors, assistant professors and postdocs of chair groups that fully participate in WIMEK are automatically members of WIMEK.

There are also chair groups that partially participate in WIMEK. In these cases the chair group indicates who of their research staff participate within WIMEK.

Scientists from other units within WUR who want to participate in WIMEK can contact WIMEK executive secretary Johan Feenstra.

Contribution to WIMEK

WIMEK members are to participate to the graduate school by contributing to the school's management, developing new PhD courses, teaching PhD courses, organising events, etc.

The value of WIMEK membership

WIMEK can help members with the coordination and logistics of organising courses and events.

WIMEK member will often be involved with the supervision of PhD candidates. Wageningen Graduates Schools (WGS) of which WIMEK is part developed a WGS Guide for supervisors containing the information you need as a PhD supervisor.

WGS also regularly organises PhD supervision courses.
All WIMEK postdocs are liable for a reduced course fee for all WGS PhD / postdoc courses.

WASS-SENSE Publisher Ranking list

The WASS-SENSE Publisher Ranking list can be found by WIMEK members on the WUR intranet:

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you do not have a WUR account, you will not be able to access this information. Since the list is for internal WIMEK use only, please do not mail us with the request to send it to you.