Diploma application @WIMEK

All WIMEK PhD candidates who have fullfilled the WIMEK education programme successfully and have an approved PhD thesis, will be granted a diploma for specialised PhD training.

PhD candidates can apply for the diploma at least 15 weeks before the proposed defence date. You can do this by:

  • Updating your TSP, adding your graduation data, or
  • Completing the diploma application form

and then either:

  1. sending the form to wimek@wur.nl, or
  2. upload it in Hora Finita

For uploading the file in Hora Finita see instructions top part – the pink section- of this Hora Finita help page.

After receival of your diploma application we will contact you in principle* within three weeks with possible additional questions, and prepare the draft proposal. After your approval of the draft proposal, we will send you the final proposal in pdf for inclusion in your PhD thesis.

* In case of holidays this may take some extra time.