WIMEK Training and Supervision Plan

(Most) WIMEK PhDs are required to have an individual Training and Supervision Plan (TSP). You will make this plan yourself, tailor-made for your personal development to become an independent researcher in your field.

An approved WIMEK TSP is compulsory to be eligible for a reduced course fee for courses of Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) and a number of SENSE courses. Approval of your TSP is also one of the conditions to be formally admitted to the Wageningen University PhD programme, unless you are an external PhD and your supervisor has indicated you won't have a TSP obligation. If you think this might apply to you, please discuss this with your supervisor!

We advise you to apply for an approved TSP within 6 months after the start of your PhD.

Take in mind that the TSP is a plan, and that you are allowed to make alterations to it when your training needs change in the course of your PhD trajectory, as long as you make sure that you meet the TSP requirements.

When you have fulfilled all TSP requirements at the end of your PhD, you can apply for the WIMEK/SENSE Diploma.