Training and Supervision Plan & Training and Education Certificate

Wageningen University offers PhD candidates tailor made education. The content of this part of your PhD programme is outlined in your Training and Supervision Plan (TSP). This document is drawn up by you and your supervisor(s) in consultation with your graduate school. It contains agreements on educational activities, teaching duties and supervision.

The TSP must be signed by you your supervisor and the chair of your Graduate School Education Committee within six months after the start of your PhD programme. Once approved, you and your supervisor can derive rights and obligations from the TSP. However, as the TSP is a plan, it can be adjusted over the course of the programme. Requirements to a TSP may vary depending on the graduate schools. You can find out about the additional requirements your graduate school uses on your graduate schools' websites.

Up to fifteen percent of your time will be spent on educational activities and a maximum of ten percent on teaching duties. You will spend the remaining time doing research.

All PhD candidates of Wageningen University who are registered at one of Wageningen University's graduate schools, receive an education budget of € 2,500. This budget is to be used for the educational component of the TSP. You can obtain a TSP form at your graduate school.

Training and Education Certificate

After you have completed the educational component of the TSP you are required to send a written request to your graduate school to receive an Educational Certificate. This request must be submitted at least fifteen weeks prior to the public defence of your PhD thesis. The thesis should contain an overview of all the education activities you participated in. You will receive the  Education Certificate after your thesis defence.

The TSP and the Education Certificate are linked to the compensation (promotievergoeding) each chair group will receive for a PhD graduate. If you do not obtain an Education Certificate, the chair group will receive € 15.000 less.