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Student facilities

Wageningen Campus

Wageningen University’s campus is compact and all buildings are easy to reach due to their physical proximity. There are four new buildings each with their own character that offer students, teachers, researchers and staff a wonderful place to meet and exchange ideas.

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Wageningen University & Research Library

WUR Library has a state of the art, predominantly digital collection of books, journals and many other resources to meet your needs. In WUR Library Search, you can quickly see which sources are available online and which are available in print. Through the WUR Library website ( you can access the many search systems, scientific databases and full text publications anytime you want, also from home. Simply log on with your WUR account.

WUR Library is a great place to study. In Forum Library you’ll find over 600 study places (with and without a PC) and several group study rooms. There’s also a relax corner with beanbags, a chess board and free-to-take books. At the lending desk you can buy small office supplies (earphones, binding covers). When studying in the Library, you are advised to Bring Your Own Device because only a few desktop computers are available.

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Wageningen in'to Languages

Wageningen in'to Languages provides language courses for WUR employees and students and for external clients. The most frequently requested courses are Dutch, English, French and Spanish. Would you like to learn another language? That is possible. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. As a WUR student or employee you can take the courses at a reduced rate.

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The Wageningen Writing Lab

The Wageningen Writing Lab offers individualised support on how to write assignments. You can experiment freely there with your approach, coached by a specially trained peer-tutor. You’ll find us in the library in the Forum.

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Studium Generale

Wageningen University & Research encourages students and staff to participate in scientific, cultural and social activities beyond their field of specialisation. The Studium Generale Team and Committee offers a program of readings, lectures and debate-series as well as workshops, excursions, film (Movie-W), drama, concerts and exhibitions.

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Sports Centre de Bongerd

Sports Centre de Bongerd (SCB) is a university sports centre and offers students and employees of Wageningen University & Research an extensive workout and sports opportunities. You can exercise 7 days per week at the sports centre.

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Notebook and software

As a WUR student, you can order discounted notebooks and software. Through the LaptopShop you can purchase a laptop including comprehensive service at a discount.

Ordering books

As you know is the new supplier for readers since the second period of this academic year. Readers can be ordered on

It is no longer possible to order books at a discount via Studystore.

There are alternatives where books can be ordered e.g.,,, etc. It is the student's own responsibility where the required books are ordered. In the study handbook you can find if and which books are recommended for a course. If in doubt, you can also contact the course coordinator.

As Wageningen University, we will see if we can find another provider willing to offer books at (extra) discount for WU-students, but this will not be arranged in a short time. This also means that for period 5 and most likely period 6 of the current academic year, this will no longer be possible.

Many recommended books are available in the Study Collection in Forum Library for consultation only (not for loan).