Studium Generale Certificate Programme

Are you a WUR-student and keen to develop yourself beyond your niche expertise and to broaden your horizon? Are you interested in exploring the world around you and do you want to practice reflection? The Certificate Programme enables you to get more out of attending Studium Generale activities and to work on your academic and personal development.

I have a broad interest that goes beyond my study field. That's why I like to go to the Studium Generale lectures. After a lecture I often think about the content, and writing a report is a good way to process the information and to reflect on it.

In the Certificate Programme, you practice academic reflection, by deepening and broadening your understanding of yourself, the world around you, and science. As a certificate student, you practice your competences in the areas of listening, reflection, reasoning, summarising, and writing.

When you participate in the Certificate Programme, you attend 10 Studium Generale activities, and you reflect on each one of these by either writing a reflection report (of 700-1000 words) or participating in an oral reflection session. You receive feedback from Studium Generale staff, which helps you to proceed in the trajectory.

To further tune the trajectory to your personal development, you also complete a personalised reflection assignment. This can take the form of for example a report, essay, presentation, short movie or theatre play. This assignments is chosen in consultation and tuned to your preferences. It requires a time investment comparable to writing a reflection report.

During the trajectory, you get the chance to participate in certificate workshops that support you in your reflection activities. These events enable you to further practice your competences and exchange experiences with other certificate students. At the end of your trajectory, you write a short personal retrospect (700-1000 words) on the Certificate Programme.

I am looking for an extra challenge outside of the usual scientific niche in which I find myself. In particular, the interdisciplinarity and the possibility of reflection on personal, scientific and social issues appeal to me.

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will receive a certificate signed by the rector magnificus; a written proof of your broad development.

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