Beyond the sea with artists Mirthe Dokter & Mirjam van Dijk

How do we give a voice to the sea? What does the sea tell us? What would the sea tell us, human beings, in these times of rapid climate change and severe loss of biodiversity? What would you, the voices of the younger generation, say on behalf of the sea?

In this Open Mind Lab you will work together under guidance of interdisciplinary art makers Mirthe Dokter and Mirjam van Dijk. Through a series of intellectual, artistic, and creative exercises you will enter into a relationship with the sea: can we actually become the sea? In what ways? Can we lookfromher perspective?

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As Open Mind Lab you prepare together a creative manifest on behalf of the sea to humanity, inspired by social movements such as the Parliament of Things, the Embassy of the Nordsea and scientists, artists and philosophers that attempt to give a voice to the non-human.

The manifest will be presented during a Studium Generale event at the end of the semester (June), which you will design and organize together.

Your manifest, together with those of other young climate activists, will be important input for Mirthe’s bigger artistic project Beyond the Sea that will consist of an interdisciplinary theatre show, film work and exhibition. The project will be fully developed in 2023-2024 and gives a stage to the voice of your generation. By participating, your voice and input becomes an indispensable part of a larger cause for a wide audience.

Watch Mirthe’s documentary Leatherback, the starting point of this project, which was also shown last year at Studium Generale’s Spring Festival Perception Between Art & Science.