Becoming Sensitive Research Instruments – Ulrike Scholtes

In this workshop, we will explore different ways of becoming aware of our body within the context of doing scientific research. Working around three topics – ‘The body relating to space’, ‘The body relating to objects’ and ‘The body relating to other ([more-than]human) bodies’ – we experiment with different exercises to become body aware and to investigate what it means to “practice” a body when practicing science.

Time: 19:30
Location: Restaurant

In what ways do bodies come into being in our scientific practices? What if we think about our bodies as our most important research instruments? How can we be more aware of specificities of this instrument? What sensitivities do the spaces, objects and subjects we work with ask or afford for? We will investigate these and more questions through moving, relating, documenting and reflecting.

About Ulrike

Ulrike Scholtes (PhD, she/her) works at the intersection of art and (social) science. She is specialized in body awareness, bodily knowledge, embodied methods and artistic research. She teaches and supervises artistic research projects (on bachelor, master and PhD level) and teaches scientist and artists about the role of the body in practicing research. Building on her background in art, anthropology and body work, she teaches body awareness as a research skill. In her artistic practice, she creates site-specific performative interventions that shift people’s ways of relating to their body, their environment and other bodies.

As a teacher/researcher Ulrike works for research centre What Art Knows, iArts and the Master in Theatre (Zuyd), the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies (UvA) and MERIAN.