Define Yourself Through Otherness - Dienke Groenhout

A workshop about moving the body in the symbolic time and space that we create as a society. We will disconnect ourselves from that space by wearing full, body-covering costumes and wander in and around Impulse. How do you mingle your body and make your way in a place where you are out of context? A mental and physical exercise.

Location: Reflection

Dienke Groenhout

Dienke Groenhout
Dienke Groenhout

Dienke creates interactive installations that invite the public to enter, to operate the work or to join in some sort of way. This turns the public into an active part of the installation and, without being aware of it, into the performer of the work. Her works blur the lines between visual arts, theatre, and performance, seek to awe the people and invite them to contemplate and to think about the other sides of normality.

Dienke Groenhout (NL 1973) received the title of interdisciplinary artist at the Academy of Fine Arts, Minerva, Groningen, The Netherlands in 1998 and her Masters title in 2017 at ArtEZ for a study into how artists create free space by offering an alternative perspective on organised society.

Dienke has set up the foundation MakeFactory in 2010 to work in collaboration with mainly international artists. The specialty of MakeFactory is to create ad-hoc cultural movement on the spot, for and with the environment. MakeFactory has traveled twice with variable crews for the period of a year as a mobile meeting and working space on a quest for free space.

This mobile space is now in function in the Netherlands under supervision of the MakeFactory foundation.

We have art so we don't have to be ruined by the truth
F. Nietzsche