Outdoor Labodyratory - Koen Arts & Reineke van Tol

Reineke van Tol and Koen Arts invite you to engage your bodies in the context of relational, nature-based learning. After a brief introduction, participants are welcome to join a practical workshop in which the body is employed as part of a ‘nature skill’. How important is your body in getting to know your place in nature? Following the hands-on exercise, Reineke and Koen will lead a preparing discussion on the value of such approaches to the (WUR) university education system.

Location: Amphitheatre
Outdoor Labodyratory

Bio Koen Arts:

Koen Arts
Koen Arts

Koen Arts is a Lecturer focussing on human dimensions of nature conservation. He often works from a political ecology perspective on topics such as: human-wildlife interaction and conflict; community-based conservation; applications of digital technologies; wild nature recreation; rewilding; and cultural aspects of conservation. He has worked in various places around the world, including India, Scotland and Brazil. His work features in prominent journals in the field, including: Ambio,Environmental Science and Policy,Land Use Policy, Restoration Ecology and Science of the Total Environment. Click here for a list of his scientific publications. Koen has edited an Ambio Special Issue on Digital Conservation, authored various other professional publications, and has peer-reviewed for more than twenty different scientific journals.

He is course coordinator for the BSc course Forest, Nature, Society (FNP-11806); and for the MSc course Communities, Conservation and Development (FNP-31306).

A passionate conservationist, Koen also has a strong interest in green writing beyond academia. He is co-owner of Green Roots, a company that promotes nature skill, and co-founder and board member of Wildeor, a foundation that promotes positive relationships with nature.

Bio Reineke van Tol:

Reineke van Tol
Reineke van Tol

As lecturer and PhD candidate at FNP, I study and teach about the relational being of humans in the world and the implications of that for nature conservation and careful co-existence on the planet.

My work departs from a post-humanist, eco-feminist lens, decentring the human and reflecting upon our conceptualisations of (the rest of) nature, our position in this complex web of interrelations and the agency of non-human beings in the web.

I am currently working on a PhD around relational, transformative learning practices in 'wild' learning spaces, situated in a liquid modern world facing climate change and biodiversity loss.