Online Linquistic Support (OLS)

The European Union developed the OLS Placement test in order to measure the impact of the Erasmus programme on the students’ language skills.
All students that participate in an Erasmus exchange are encouraged to complete one language assessment. The OLS is a highly recommended part of your Erasmus exchange.
The OLS applies to students who have English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Danish, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Czech or Swedish as their main language of instruction at their host (receiving) institution.

    You will receive an invitation to take part in the OLS assessments. Additionally, if you wish, you can follow a free language course at the OLS platform for multiple languages.

      The OLS language course

      The OLS language course is availabe until the end of the mobility and valid for a maximum of 13 months after the first connection to the language course.

      The language assessment

      • By completing the language assessment, you will find out what your current level is in the language you will use to study or work during your Erasmus+ mobility.
      • The results of your language assessment do not disable you from taking part in the Erasmus+ mobility. The results, in line with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), are accessible to you and your Higher Education sending institution. The results are not communicated to the receiving institution/organisation. However, you are free to send the results to them.
      •  The European Commission does not use individual results but aggregated data of the language assessment results for statistical purposes.

      Information about the language assessment

      • The online language assessment takes approximately 40 to 50 minutes, and consists of five sections (grammar, vocabulary, key communicative phrases, listening comprehension, and written comprehension) with a total of 70 questions. We advise you to take the assessment in a quiet environment with a stable internet connection.
      • At any moment during the assessment, you can save it and continue later, but keep in mind that once you have completed the assessment and received the results, you cannot do it again. 

      We hope that herewith we have informed you sufficiently about OLS. After processing your Grant Agreement (GA) we will send you the invitation for your first assessment within the coming weeks. Please note that it is highly recommended to do the test before you leave for your exchange.