Preparation for internship or thesis abroad

If you organized an internship or thesis abroad, we may be able to provide you with an Erasmus+ grant.

The grant is available for BSc, MSc and PhD students. It's even possible to receive Erasmus+ funding for an internship after graduation (only within the Erasmus+ countries and if the grant application is done before the graduation date).

How to find an internship or thesis abroad?

Unfortunately we cannot help you with arranging an internship or thesis. You could contact the following persons or organisations for more information about internships abroad:

  • You internship coordinator of your study field (check the website of the chair groups for contact information)
  • Your study advisor
  • AIESEC offers internships (and volunteering) abroad to students

Erasmus+ countries

The countries in the Erasmus+ program can be found here.

The grant amount for an internship/thesis abroad can be found here.

    Internship or thesis outside Europe

    If you are going outside the EU for your internship/thesis, visit our website for Erasmus+ grants for internship/thesis for non-eu destinations for more information.

    You can check the grant finder on for other possibilities.

    For Switzerland:

    For MIL, MID and MDR students travel funding may be available.

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    Application Erasmus+ grant

    You can apply for the Erasmus+ grant for internship/thesis if you are going abroad for at least 2 months (60 days) and meet all the other requirements.

    Tips for students going abroad

    On this page you can find more tips concerning your safety and health while abroad, English language certificates financial matters (including the Erasmus+ grant, insurance, DUO, Nuffic & WilWeg) and HousingAnywhere.