Requirements for Erasmus+ grant for internship

To apply for Erasmus+ grant (financial support), you need to fulfill the following requirements.

The grant is available for BSc and MSc students, both for internship and thesis during studies.


General requirements

Students who go to an Erasmus+ country for an internship or thesis for at least 2 months can apply for an Erasmus+ grant. Take a look at the following requirements before you apply.

  • You have to be registered as a full time student at Wageningen University.
  • Your stay abroad will have a minimum duration of 2 months (60 days) and a maximum duration of 12 months.

  • No travel days have to be considered in the minimum duration.

  • Write the first day you are starting your internship or thesis physically in the organisation/institution and, the last day that you will be working physically on the organisation/institution.

  • Per study cycle (Bachelor, Master), you can receive a maximum of 12 months of Erasmus+ grant. You can apply for multiple internships.

  • The internship has to be full time (35-40 working hours per week).

  • You will live in the country of the organisation or company where you will do your internship or thesis.

  • EU institutions and other bodies are excluded, see the list on the European Union website.

  • You will not use the scholarship for expenses that are already covered by another scholarship by the EU.

  • You will not apply for other EU scholarships during your exchange period.

  • You have to do an online language assessment before the mobility period. The language assessment is available in the languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Czech and Swedish.

    Grant amount


      • Preferably we want to receive the documents one month before the start of your internship or thesis, but the documents need to be send BEFORE you start with your internship or thesis abroad.

      Extension of the internship

      • Students are allowed to ask for an extension of the current internship only if we receive this request one month before the ending date of your internship. The supervisor at the host institution has to send an e-mail to confirming the extension with the exact ending date. Otherwise it cannot be accepted. Make sure that you arrange this with enough time with your supervisor at the host institution.


      • All nationalities

      Level of study

      • Bachelor

      • Master

      Thesis or internship during studies

      Students who go to an Erasmus+ country for an internship or thesis (for credits) for at least 2 months can apply for an Erasmus+ grant.

      • When you fill in the obligatory documents for the Erasmus+ grant application you have to fill in, in the Learning Agreement, the box which says: 'the traineeship is embedded in the curriculum' (page 3).