Aarhus University

In 1928, "University Studies in Jutland" opened in rented accommodations with just 78 students. Today, around 35,000 undergraduate and graduate students attend Aarhus University. These students are taught by around 6,000 full and part-time academic staff and supported by approx. 3,000 technical and administrative personnel.

Most of the university's signature yellow brick buildings are beautifully situated in the University Park among the natural features of an ancient moraine valley. These attractive and welcoming surroundings promote inspiration, industry and efficiency - and students who come here leave with fond and lasting memories.

It is also really common to call the teachers by their first name instead of their last name with mister or misses, this creates a really nice atmosphere but it can feel a bit weird if you're not used to it.
a WUR exchange student

General information

Academic calendar Autumn Semester: Late August - mid - December, Spring Semester: Late January - mid-May
Faculties Faculty of Natural Sciences: Department of Biology;
Faculty of Technical Sciences: Department of Agroecology, Department of Animal Science and Department of Food Science
Language of instruction Almost all master level courses are taught in English at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Faculty of Technical Sciences. There are also some courses in English at bachelor level.
Area's of agreement Life Science, Environmental Science
Erasmus Code DK ARHUS01

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