University of Évora

The University of Évora is a transdisciplinary university that is constantly updating its courses, offers optimal conditions for studying and conducting research, and courses in all knowledge areas: Fine Arts, Social Sciences and Science and Technology.

The time you spend in Évora will be enhanced by the beauty of its streets and sites, which will constantly surprise you given that the city was home to kings and queens and other important figures who left their mark on the country and beyond borders. There are other invaluable aspects that are difficult to quantify, such as safety, hospitality, the good rapport and close relationships between students and faculty, and the city’s privileged geographical location, in the heart of a region brimming with culture and strong traditions.

General information

Academic calendar Semester 1: September - February, Semester 2: February - July
Language of instruction English, Portuguese
Areas of agreement Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences
Erasmus code P EVORA01

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