Step 4: After you have been selected for study exchange


The Outgoing Exchange Coordinators will nominate you at the guest university. It should be noted that nomination does not mean admission.

Application at partner university

After the nomination you should apply for the exchange at the partner university. You will need to fill in application documents provided by the partner university, get the signatures of your exchange coordinator and send the forms to the partner university. It is your own responsibility that this is done in time. Please check the deadlines for application at the partner university. For questions about this procedure you can contact the Exchange Coordinators for outgoing students.

The partner university always has the final say in whether or not they admit the students that we nominate for student exchange. Therefore there is no guarantee that you will be admitted at a partner university of your choice.

Course approval

To make sure that the credits that you earn abroad will count for your WUR study program, you need to get your courses approved beforehand. Your WUR Study Advisor will do a first check, and after that the approval request will be forwarded to the Examining Board, who needs to give the final consent. It is wise to contact your WUR Study Advisor per email first, and after discussion you can enter your foreign courses in the PlanApp via Osiris Student. For instructions, see How to plan electives from another university?

Apply for the Erasmus+ grant

After you have been nominated to the guest university, you can start your Erasmus+ grant application. We will inform you by e-mail about the procedure. You can also find the application documents here: Application Erasmus+ grant for study.

Prepare for your travel

Make sure you are well informed about the WUR travel policy and travel preparations that will be required well before you leave.