Beachclub - 10 September


07:00-08:15 hrs: Early Bird Yoga | WU

Have a great start of the day with this yoga session at the beach by Agnes of Yogavitamines. There are several yoga mats available but please bring your own if you have one, or bring a big towel to be sure.

12:00-13:30 hrs: Salsa / Bellydance Workshop | ISOW

More information about this activity will follow soon.

12:00-13:30 hrs: Blind Beach Volleyball | Biologica

More information about this activity will follow soon.

12:00-13:30 hrs: Girl Lifting | Wageningen Beasts

Some members of the Wageningen Beasts spent their holidays in the sun and on beaches. They were not the only ones and on these sunny beaches a lot of young people gathered. A much observed effect of gathering youth in these hot places was a lot of showing off. Well, since we have achieved some strength during our trainings we competed in 1 part especially. Push ups, of course with a woman on our back. Now we are back and the beach fun continues. So we challenge you, try to beat our record of push ups with girls on your backs (babes provided by us or bring your own ;-) ).

17:00-18:30 hrs: Beach Picnic | Mercurius

Mercurius organises a beach picnic at Beachclub Wageningen! At September the 10th you can enjoy a lovely picnic at the Beachclub. You can bring your own beach towel to match the theme and you are welcome from 17.00 o’clock until 18.30 to buy a bag of drinks and candies for the picnic. The bags only cost 2 coins and provide enough for two persons! During the picnic you can enjoy the music that is taken care of by Popcultuur Wageningen. Be in time because we only have a limited number of bags!

17:00-18:30 hrs: Drink | Study associations of Environmental Sciences (ES)

The time is there for a next ES-drink. This one will be a special edition because it will be hold in the beachclub at Wageningen Campus! Under the theme of ‘Salsa tequila’ it almost feels like we are at a Spanish beachclub. We have all the ingredients to make the next edition of the ES-drink a very nice one. Let’s hope that the weather is cooperating.

17:30-18:15 hrs: Singer-songwriter | Stichting Popcultuur Wageningen

Popcultuur Wageningen brings you the singersongwriter Okke Punt from Lisse. With mainly influences as Bruce Springsteen, Bon Iver, Sigur Ros, Talk Talk and Coldplay, he writes and plays real songs with a Post Rock touch. In early 2009 Okke starts training at the Conservatory in Amsterdam. Here he came in contact with Yori Swart. Together they made a successful record, he as a 2nd vocalist and harmonica player. Furthermore, during this period he became acquainted with the music of Justin Vernon (Bon Iver). A whole new world opened. “I've always thought that you had to follow certain rules to make good music. Nothing could be further from the truth.” Okke Punt takes you into his world, his emotion and his story, and makes them yours. With his melancholic voice and his own way of writing, he goes to extremes to get you with his music and not let you go.

18:30-19:00 hrs: Martial Arts Demonstration | De Grondleggers

More information about this activity will follow soon.

18:30-20:00 hrs: Drink | VeSte

Get to know us! Last week we finally started our year of representing the Wageningen students in the Student Council. Interested in who we are and what we are doing? Interested in what topics will be dealt with in this year of college? Come share a drink with us at the Beachclub!

Snacks: Mr Hapje with pizza

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