Beachclub - 4 September


12:00-13:30 hrs: Global Citizen Info | AIESEC

Always dreamt about going on a voluntary work project abroad but never really got the chance to? Want to develop yourself next to your study program? Or maybe you just want to see more of the world? Well, AIESEC is just the helping hand you need.

Join our Global Citizen Program in which we provide voluntary work projects in three different workfields for a.duration of 6-8 weeks throughout the whole year:
- Go Teach
- Be an Entrepreneur
- Make Aware

In countries as: Brazil, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and many more... We also provide professional internships (6-12 months) all around the world. Here you get the chance to gain working experience at a company and get paid for your job. Most of these internships are of economic background, like marketing, economics, but also a lot of teaching internships.

Come and visit our information evening on the 26th of November to find out which program is most suitable for you! Make sure you’ll be there!!

12:00-13:30 hrs: Lounge| SSR-W

Catch up with your fresh made friends, AID group or fellow students in our SSR-W lounge during lunchtime. Here you can listen to the beats of one our DJ’s and get in the mood for a FRESH party. In the evening SSR-W will open her doors to all students. DJ Lulleaux, also known from ‘Prominente Pikken en Snerpende Hertjes’ will be spinning the decks to rave the night away.

17:00-18:30 hrs: Miss & Mister WU Beachclub-contest | Spread the WURd

Who will be Miss and Mister Wageningen University Beachclub? In this contest contestants try their best in 4 rounds with different activities to see who is most worthy of the title. The 4-headed jury, including Mister Netherlands Demian Overduijn, will each vote for their favourite Miss and Mister, focusing on their speciality. And of course, your vote also counts. Each contestant receives a reward and for the winners of course a grand prize awaits!
Come and support your favourite contestant on Thursday the 4th of September at 17:00 at #‎BeachclubWU.‬‬‬

18:30-20:00 hrs: Beach Handball | Centauri

Want to start off the new year by being active and having fun? Always wanted to give beachhandball a try? Or you’ve done it before and really like it? Join WHV Centauri, the most ‘gezellige’ handball club in Wageningen, on September 4th from 18.30-20.00 at the Beach Club and show off your amazing skills!

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