Frequently asked questions Virtual exchange


Can I apply and get credits for other online courses, from WUR or other universities, than the ones listed here?

Only the online courses listed on the webpages List of WUR Online Courses and List of Partner University Courses are credit-eligible. You are always free to take other online courses of WUR or other universities, but you cannot always get credits for them. Sometimes, it is possible to receive credits for MOOCs that are not included in the Virtual Exchange Program. This is subject to approval of the examination board. For more information about this, please contact your study adviser for more information.

Can I apply for more than one online course?

Yes you can, but you have to register separately for each course on OSIRIS, or by filling out an application form for each partner university course.

How many places are available per course?

This differs per course, ranging from 20 to 120 for all participating universities. We work on a first-come, first-served basis. So, apply as early as possible.

In case I am not selected, can I still do the online course?

Yes, in most cases, you can still do the online course, but not as a ‘Virtual Exchange’-student. This means that you cannot participate in the ‘Virtual Exchange’ exams or assignments, and consequently, you will receive no grade and no credits.

Are there any costs involved in doing an online course for credits?

You do not have to pay any additional course fees. It may be the case that some study material has to be purchased.

I get confused by the start dates on edX which differ from this site or the course description.

The information on the Virtual Exchange website and OSIRIS is leading, as it is tailored specifically to ‘Virtual Exchange’ students. The information provided on edX is for all general participants worldwide.

Can I apply for these online courses while being an exchange student at Wageningen University & Research?

No, only students who are enrolled for a full degree programme at Wageningen University & Research can take part in all the online courses of the Virtual Exchange project. However, as an exchange student, you can choose the WUR online courses that are mentioned in the Study Handbook as a regular course.

Starting and following the course

How and when starts the course?

That depends on the course, read the description carefully. You will also get an email of the partner university before the start of the course including specific details, like the way to register on edX etc.

What if I want to drop out?

We hope you are committed to complete the course. However, if there is a good reason to drop out, we would like you to send an email to the lecturer or the contact person of the partner university.

Please note that although attendance is not compulsory, students participating in the Virtual Exchange initiative are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of this unique opportunity and to show their commitment by also taking the final exam.

In what period is the course offered?

In general, most Virtual Exchange courses can be taken throughout the year and can be finished when there is an opportunity to make the exam. If the course does not have a final exam, then there are no constraints when it can be finished besides waiting for the final assignment to be graded. To find the exact details for a course, you can look in the Osiris handbook under “Course Description” to find when there is an opportunity to make the exam, and under “Course Periods Offered and Registration” you can find when the course is offered. If you are still unsure when the course is offered, then please send an email to

Credits and grades

How do I know if the credits for the online courses can be part of my study programme?

The online course will be included as an external course in your programme. Hence the procedure for external courses applies. This means you must consult your study adviser before your register for the online course. Once your study adviser agrees to include the course in your programme you need the approval of the Examination board (your study adviser knows how). Once the course is approved, you can register through OSIRIS, or by filling out an application form for each external course).

When and how do I get my credits?

You will get a transcript of the record from the host university with your grade and the credits which you must hand in at the student desk in the Forum building. Subsequently, the mark will appear in your study programme.


What kind of assessment do I need to do?

Please check the course description for more information about the assessment method.

How and when is a written examination arranged?

Written exams will take place online. The date depends per course, so please read the course description. Sometimes the exact moment is not yet decided, and a time span is given. For the WUR online courses, the examinations are in the re-exam period in February(resit A) and in the re-exam period in July (resit C1).

Do I have to register for this exam?

For an examination of a WUR online course, you can register for the exam in the usual way (OSIRIS). For courses from other universities, you do not have to register for the exam. If detailed information on the time and location is not yet available, it will be provided in time.

Are the written exams published in the WUR examination schedule?

Only the examinations of the WUR online courses are published. For the other online courses, you must read the course description.

Are there re-sits?

For WUR courses, there are two exam possibilities per academic year. For courses from other universities: check the course description. Note that some universities do not offer re-sits at all!