Mission and Strategy

Life-long learning is important in our rapidly changing world. Post-academic professionals working in the life sciences have a continuous need to increase their knowledge and further develop their competencies. Wageningen Academy is actively involved in helping them meet this need.

Educate and develop

Wageningen Academy offers managers and other professionals at all levels of an organisation the opportunity to continually develop their knowledge and competencies in order to anticipate and adequately respond to rapid and complex economic, social and technological changes.

Knowledge circulation and dissemination

Wageningen Academy translates new developments and knowledge into learning trajectories. Wageningen Academy serves as a link between research and education within Wageningen University & Research and between the market and society. The practical application of new knowledge and developments is a central theme in our programmes. These programmes are devoted to the development of both specific field-related knowledge and the skills required to apply this knowledge in professional practice.

Knowledge valorisation

In fulfilment of its social responsibility, Wageningen University & Research strives to further stimulate the effective application of the results of scientific research. This process, which we call knowledge valorisation, involves the establishment of new knowledge-intensive businesses, the development of new products and services, support of existing businesses and in general contributing to the resolution of societal problems.

The university’s prominent positions hinges on the development and maintenance of its relations and networks. These contacts often serve as a stimulus and source of ideas for new activities. Wageningen Academy reaches target groups that would otherwise be unattainable for Wageningen University & Research, because the focus of our activities is not on researchers, but on professionals who want to develop new knowledge and apply this in the daily activities of businesses and governmental organisations.